Faridabad, Haryana, India


National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Pvt

NHPC Ltd. Is extremely passionate about hydropower development and the key role its projects play in the overall socio economic development of the Project area. As a connoisseur for encouraging the various forms of art and culture, NHPC Ltd. Has graced our events with its presence and support at the Indogma Film Festivals in the past, and we look forward to their association in the future as well;

Indraprastha Gas Limited (India)

Indraprastha Gas Limited is India’s leading clean energy solution provider through customer centricity, innovative technology and diversification, with international presence.IGL recognizes that its business activities have direct and indirect impact on the society. The Company strives to integrate its business values and operations in an ethical and transparent manner to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to meet the interests of its stakeholders, leading to their association with Indogma Film Festival, to promote the lesser known names and faces of this genre;

Mehrasons Jewellers, Delhi India

Mehrasons Jewellers not only promise beautiful, well crafted jewellery but also deliver personalised and cared-for consumer experience. As an e-Commerce initiative launched in 2010 to make available the jewellery of Mehrasons Jewellers for its customers worldwide, the team at Mehrasons Jewellers believes in not just the physical beauty but of the inner soul, brought out by these realistic films showcased by Indogma Film Festival, and have extended a helping hand in bringing the event together to boost the participants’ morale; 


Sonotek is India’s first Haryanvi Music Company, a number one YouTube Channel for Haryanvi Songs, Desi Ragni, Haryanvi Folk Song, Haryanvi Movies, Haryanvi Comedy Videos and Many More. As a supporter for the lesser developed and under-exposed films, Indogma Film Festival became an excellent platform for promoting to give such film makers and artists the recognition and exposure they need and deserve;