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Indogma Film Festival 2022, begins at JC Bose University

Indogma Film Festival 2022, begins at JC Bose University

Indogma Film Festival Welcomes Mr. Sandeep Marwah as Chief Guest

Mr. Sandeep Marwah, a renowned international media personality and Founder/President of the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), was warmly welcomed by Mr. Chandan Mehta, Director of the Indogma Film Festival. Mr. Marwah served as the chief guest during the inaugural session of the three-day festival.

The inaugural session of the Indogma Film Festival 2022, organized by Cinemehta Productions in collaboration with the Department of Communication and Media Technology (CMT), was addressed by Prof. Sushil Kumar Tomar, Vice-Chancellor of JC Bose University of Science and Technology, YMCA, Faridabad. Dr. Mukesh Gambhir, Director General of Indogma, Registrar Dr. S.K. Garg, Dr. Pawan Singh Malik (Chairperson of CMT), Mr. Rakesh Roshan Roy (Convener Jivika, Delhi NCR), and film & TV artist Dinesh Sehgal were also present at the session. The event witnessed the launch of the theme song of Indogma.

During his address, Mr. Sandeep Marwah appreciated the organizers’ initiative in conducting such a wonderful event and commended the active participation of students in the festival. He also extended his congratulations to the Media students and faculty members on the occasion of National Press Day. Mr. Marwah emphasized the importance of emotions and thoughts in filmmaking, considering it an art that reflects our society and plays a significant role in building the cinematic fabric.

The opening ceremony commenced with the enchanting Indogma theme song, composed by Sachin-Manish Bhatia, arranged by Vineet Sharma, with lyrics by Gagan Sharma and vocals by Shri N. The theme song was edited by Aryan Sharma and directed by Chandan Mehta.

Mukesh Gambhir from Indogma Film Festival welcomed the esteemed guests and participants, providing a brief introduction to the three-day program. He emphasized that festivals like Indogma highlight the inherent qualities involved in film production and expressed his appreciation for the University’s efforts in hosting such grand ceremonies.

The festival also witnessed the premiere of the documentary “Naam Namak Nishan,” written and directed by Mr. Ashish Srivastava, which focused on the Indian Army. A QA session was conducted following the screening, where Mr. Ashish Srivastava shared insights into his journey while making the documentary. Additionally, a master class on “How to make low-budget films and documentaries” was conducted by Mr. Ashish Srivastava, offering valuable tips for media students. The session was attended by mass media students from various colleges, including Manav Rachna, DAV Centenary College, Government Women’s College, and JC Bose UST, YMCA.

On the inaugural day of the Indogma film festival, a variety of regional and documentary films were screened, attracting national and international filmmakers, writers, technicians, and entertainment industry professionals. The department’s students also showcased cultural performances during the event.

Dr. Pawan Singh Malik, Chairperson of the CMT Department, shared that the three-day festival would feature a series of activities, including the screening of regional, animated, and documentary films, master classes, awards distribution, and celebrity facilitation.

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