INDOGMA FILM FESTIVAL, was conceptualized by Mr. Chandan Mehta, Indian Film Producer and Director, and Mr. Mukesh Gambhir, Director NGF Radio, Faridabad in the year 2018. The objective of the organising this festival was to provide a platform to the makers of short films in India and world over. Mr. Gambhir realized that there are so many film festivals organised all over the world for feature films. But there is no recognition given to short films. Since, these films are made by the makers mostly in their capacity and are low budget projects, the makers have financial constraints also in making publicity of these films. These films, being not available on most of the public platforms are not supported by the sponsors also. Hence, sharing his views with Mr. Chandan Mehta, already into the field of film production and direction of feature and short films, the concept to host a festival on short films was materialized.

In the first edition of Indogma Film Festival held in 2018 over 180 entries poured in to participate in the event. The number itself is an evidence of the number of short films being made and going unnoticed. The overwhelming response from the makers of these short films motivated the team- Indogma to keep the flow going. With a number of sponsors coming forward for the cause in the very first edition also proved that the acceptability and need of short films is felt by every section of the society. There are social causes that are not picked up by the feature film makers due to fear of film not being a hit and also not finding the content for a show of three hours or so. However, the short film makers dared to pick up social and community issues to highlight in their projects running from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. This, not only was appreciated by community as a social project but many of such projects spread over the world by way of social media. However, the makers still went unnoticed because none of the social media users care who made the project.

Taking forward the success of ‘INDOGMA FILM FESTIVAL 2018’, the second version of the festival is ready to start. ‘INDOGMA FILM FESTIVAL 2019’ would be running from 6th December to 8th December 2019. The procedure and link for registration is  https://indogmafilms.com/Registration/ The details of team-Indogma are also available here to know about the people behind the concept.  In order to make the registration process easier,  the website provides several payment options that includes Net banking, payments through debit and credit cards and payment through digital wallet.

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