Faridabad, Haryana, India

Month: December 2019


People of India are so fond of films that people from no other country in the world can be. However, there are many young talents who do not find an opportunity to display their talent nor they can adopt their talent as their mode of livelihood.  One of the major reasons for not getting the…
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Official Selection of films in Indogma Film Festival 2019

Acid Akraman Aman Rehman the little bill gates ANKAHI KAHI Bajrang Bhasan- The Immersion BOTAL BAND Bubbly Cheeks Coffin Decolleté Dabba DHWONI “A Voice” Ek Ajnabee Friend Request Green मोक्ष It Happens….Nones at fault Like a wave Maan Ki Pida Mother Land Padma Purn Viram Ride To Remember Room no. 13 Roulette SILENT TIES Smell…
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